Friday, July 15, 2011

Gardening In The City

Took some pics of my Mom's garden and the neighbor's because they are wonderful.  My Mom has always had a green thumb which my youngest sister inherited. 

The first three pics are the neighbors.  They are so HUGE!  Love the red/orange plants.  Really pretty.  The rest of the pics are of my Mom's garden.

The last few pics are inside the house.  Pretty huh?

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

I had looked up yarn stores online before leaving.  HAVE to visit a yarn shop right?  Found two that I wanted to visit.  The first is the Lion Brand Yarn shop on 15th street.  They only sell Lion Brand prodcuts of course and you can find them all over the country.  However, the shop is were they test new products and have items that you can't buy anywhere but there (not even online).  The coolest part of the shop really was the window.  The sign was 3D and completely knitted!  It was awesome.  In the 2nd floor window there was a cool giant lion as well.

Penggie was really tired after a long day of walking.  He just sat back and took in the view from Union Square Park back to "Da Bronx".

Union Square Park with the Flat Iron Building in the distance.

Union Square Park

After we got back to the house I jumped in the pool for a while and then sat down to a yummy taco dinner my cool sister Maria made.  After a long day at work she made us a great dinner.  TY!

I am a day behind on my posts.  Yesterday was a great day full of my fav musuem, a great Broadway show and Cuban Food.  Have more pics and stories as well but time to go enjoy my day. :-)  We got back late and were beat but what a fabulous day!  Got my honey a wonderful gift! :-)  

Shopping NYC Style

On Wednesday (June 13th) Mom and I headed from the Bronx to downtown (Manhattan).  While waiting for the bus Penggie wanted  to see "Da Bronx".  He said: "Whats the big deal?"  Almost dropped him in a bin.  What does he know from snow and ice anyway right?

We got off the bus on 5th Avenue and went SHOPPING! Mom took me to a cool accessory shop called "Laila Rowe".  The girl who waited on us was really sweet and nice.  They seemed to know my Mom VERY well because when we walked in all the clerks greeted us with "HI!  We some new stuff that you haven't seen yet."  They knew exactly what she likes. lol  I would recommend this store to anyone going to NYC.  The clerks were sweet to everyone.  Always want to spend my money in a place where they treat you well.  Then we hit a shoe store were the owner also knew my Mom very well.  So well that he gave me a lovely discount on 2 pairs of sandals.  See "foot bling":


By this time we were starving because we hadn't eaten breakfast.  We picked up box lunches from a place called the "Pret A Manager"  (if someone knows what the heck it means please tell me lol).  This place was featured once on the today show because everything is made fresh daily and at the end of the day what ever is left over the homeless are invited in to their shops to enjoy a filling and topnotch meal.  I was all over supporting a business that helps their community.  The food is top notch and big portions wow.  Penggie even enjoyed it.  We took our lunches to Bryant Park which is located behind the library.  This park used to be a hole but it has been cleaned up and turned into an oasis in the middle of the city.  Green and lush with places for entertainment.  There were people juggling and music playing.  And did Vikkie take pictures of any of this loveliness?  No instead I took a pic of this: 

The toilet was cool!  Instead of having a paper sheet that really does not protect you these had a button you pushed and the plastic rolled into a waste section.  I just HAD to take a pic. lol

Chrysler Building.

 After lunch we walked in front of the Library.  Penggie was very interested in the Lions that guard the knowledge inside.

If you love books this library is heaven.  It has underground levels and some of the oldest books in the country.  Popular place for school trips.  I walked here many times from my high school.

ROAR! Be respectful of my books!

Ok there is more to this day but it is going on another post. lol

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New York, New York...

Arrived safe and sound,  the view out of the window of the aircraft

I stowed Penggie away in my purse...shhhh:

Look he has already made friend! :-)

Ok off downtown, lets see what we find.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New York here I come!

I am leaving tomorrow bright an early for NYC.  7:25 am ! Ugh!  But that means I arrive in the city at 6 pm eastern which helps with the time change situation.  Clothing been packed since last Tuesday, yeah I know ...weirdo. LOL  Finished packing yesterday.   I am also taking a little friend with me.

Penggie is all set and excited about his trip!  (If you don't know Penquins are my "thing"). 

I am going to miss "the honey" and my little furball Patches.  Speaking of which, checkout his new summer do:

It took us forever to find a groomer that would not hurt him and do a great job.  Isn't he handsome? :-) 

Next Post should be from NYC! woohoo!

July 11th Garden Update

Well here is my garden as of today:

Giant Tomato: The tomatoes are supposed be gigantic.  I read about them and they are supposed to be good for sauce.

Green Grape:  This the plant that refused to die.  Yeah!  All the leaves fell off but sice the stalk was still green I kept watering it and now it has new leaves.  Don't know if I will get anything from it but just feels good that it survived. lol

6 Tomato Plants: All the tomato plants taking in the sun!

Tomato (?): Got this at the Great Basin Food Coop seedling sale in late spring and there was a sign that said it was a "yellow pear tomato" but its way bigger then my other yellow pear so not sure what I will get.  So I am calling it "Surprise Tomatoes". :-)

Lemon Thyme:  Isn't he pretty? :-) Yes I said "he".  Just feels like a "he".  For some reason this is my favorite plant.  It smells WONDERFUL!

Oregano: Don't know what type but it has little white flowers all over.  Isn't she nice? (Yes she!)  She is very good friends with LT (Lemon Thyme).

Purple Bell:  Just started getting flowers.

Yellow Bell:  Also finally got flowers, Yippy!

Arugula & Lettuce: Planted this just last Tuesday (5th of July)....and LOOK already sprouting up! 

The rest:  There is a Lemon Cucumber next to LT and Strawberries on the lower level.  On the bench there are several Green/Red Bells, two types of herbs that I forgot to label so not sure what I am getting (oops), a Juliet Hybrid Tomato, Musk mellow and something else I forgot to label so not sure what it is either. LOL I know its probably too late for the ones on the bench but they are doing well so I am just going to go as far as I can with them.  My zucchini, yellow squash, broccolli, eggplant, green beans, cilantro and parsley didn't make it.  But considering this is the first time I have ever done this I am not doing to bad.