Friday, July 15, 2011

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

I had looked up yarn stores online before leaving.  HAVE to visit a yarn shop right?  Found two that I wanted to visit.  The first is the Lion Brand Yarn shop on 15th street.  They only sell Lion Brand prodcuts of course and you can find them all over the country.  However, the shop is were they test new products and have items that you can't buy anywhere but there (not even online).  The coolest part of the shop really was the window.  The sign was 3D and completely knitted!  It was awesome.  In the 2nd floor window there was a cool giant lion as well.

Penggie was really tired after a long day of walking.  He just sat back and took in the view from Union Square Park back to "Da Bronx".

Union Square Park with the Flat Iron Building in the distance.

Union Square Park

After we got back to the house I jumped in the pool for a while and then sat down to a yummy taco dinner my cool sister Maria made.  After a long day at work she made us a great dinner.  TY!

I am a day behind on my posts.  Yesterday was a great day full of my fav musuem, a great Broadway show and Cuban Food.  Have more pics and stories as well but time to go enjoy my day. :-)  We got back late and were beat but what a fabulous day!  Got my honey a wonderful gift! :-)  

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