Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th Garden Update

Well here is my garden as of today:

Giant Tomato: The tomatoes are supposed be gigantic.  I read about them and they are supposed to be good for sauce.

Green Grape:  This the plant that refused to die.  Yeah!  All the leaves fell off but sice the stalk was still green I kept watering it and now it has new leaves.  Don't know if I will get anything from it but just feels good that it survived. lol

6 Tomato Plants: All the tomato plants taking in the sun!

Tomato (?): Got this at the Great Basin Food Coop seedling sale in late spring and there was a sign that said it was a "yellow pear tomato" but its way bigger then my other yellow pear so not sure what I will get.  So I am calling it "Surprise Tomatoes". :-)

Lemon Thyme:  Isn't he pretty? :-) Yes I said "he".  Just feels like a "he".  For some reason this is my favorite plant.  It smells WONDERFUL!

Oregano: Don't know what type but it has little white flowers all over.  Isn't she nice? (Yes she!)  She is very good friends with LT (Lemon Thyme).

Purple Bell:  Just started getting flowers.

Yellow Bell:  Also finally got flowers, Yippy!

Arugula & Lettuce: Planted this just last Tuesday (5th of July)....and LOOK already sprouting up! 

The rest:  There is a Lemon Cucumber next to LT and Strawberries on the lower level.  On the bench there are several Green/Red Bells, two types of herbs that I forgot to label so not sure what I am getting (oops), a Juliet Hybrid Tomato, Musk mellow and something else I forgot to label so not sure what it is either. LOL I know its probably too late for the ones on the bench but they are doing well so I am just going to go as far as I can with them.  My zucchini, yellow squash, broccolli, eggplant, green beans, cilantro and parsley didn't make it.  But considering this is the first time I have ever done this I am not doing to bad.

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