Monday, June 20, 2011

Slow Moving Day

Had plans to get into some art but couldn't get myself moving. I managed to get into the shed and get out canvas and some other art things that needed to have come in a long time ago.  I did research some art "ideas" that I have been thinking about as well.  Geez the shed was just gross and hot.  Took a shower as soon as I was done.

Spent time exchanging emails with the Mom-ster about seeds and plants and such. LOL  My little greenhouse collapsed today and had to clean it all up. Lost two seedlings but they weren't making it, so not a big deal.  The greenhouse did not fair as well, the tubes on one side bent so now can't keep all the seedlings in it.  Not sure where to put them at night now.

I also spent some time research how to paint wooden furniture.  I want to funk-i-fy my dinninng room table and chairs.  They are boring. NEED COLOR! I am the rainbow bug girl after all...well I was until she died.  So very sad not having that car (or any car now).

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