Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Begin...(?)

     Sooo...I had a blog before...well still have it but let it go for whatever reason. Maybe because it was just about knitting (Yarnatic) who knows. Have wanted to create another one but have not gotten underway. I have been Inspired by one that my friend has started to document a summer roadtrip she is under going. I thought I would make a travel blog because I am headed to NYC in a few weeks but may be it will be something more. Who knows.
     About the title...well last summer I had a super relaxing summer (but it was a bit isolating). So much so that I went back to work feeling ready. This summer is shaping up to be just as relaxing, not so alone. About to start my second week off and was thinking on what I can do to take the anti-stress I gain over the summer with me into the school year (yes I'm a teacher...High School.."gasp"...Math..."gasp"....shhhush I know lol). So the title is about taking the peace I find during the summe,r past the summer and into the rest of the year. The question mark is whether I can do it or not. LOL Shall see.
     This summer I want to help heal myself emotionally as well as physically. I have made some in roads into those goals already. Walking, swimming, Zen/Meditative Yoga. I NEED to get back to my artwork. In the past it has healed me more then anything else and I desperately miss it. My knitting & yarn addiction is satisfying in that it relieves stress in the short term but does not do for me what painting & drawing does for me in the long term.
     Something I am doing that is a first for me is that I am growing "things". Edible "things". Its a first for me. My Mom and younger sister have green thumbs and my best friend Kathy as well. I have always hated the idea of sticking my hands in the dirt. Buggies, wormies....ickies. BLAH :-P ~~~ In the past few years there have been so many scares with food and then wanting to go green I felt I had to do something to control my food and reduce waste. Sooo I now GROW THINGS. LOL. Edible types. I honestly didn't think that I was going to enjoy it as much as I have. Its relaxing to play with my plants. Who knew? (All those who are so into gardening. dugh).
     Well thats it for my first post. I hope to post about my knitting, art (new and old), trips, friends, work. In general my life "stuff-age". Not really doing this for anyone other then myself.
Lower deck with my little greenhouse.
Upper deck with plants and sitting area.
Upper deck again showing my lovely hammock. Can't wait until the plants fill out and become colorful!

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