Monday, June 20, 2011

What's growing?

I keep getting asked what I am here it is:

I didn't plant any greens sort of forgot about them lol  Here is what I have planted that are growing like gang busters (the big plants):
Lemon cucumbers
yellow bell pep
purple bell pep
lemon thyme
2 yellow pears (my fav tomatoes)
green beans
grape tomato
zebra tomato
tomato sauce tomato...the giant kind

In the greenhouse I have the following:
red & green bell peps
sumter cucumbers
yellow squash
musk melon
green onions
 juliet tomato

Not sure about the greenhouse plants yet.  They are still in the seedling stage but hey since this is the first time I have ever grown anything I figure that what ever I get will be great :-).  Half of what I have out & in the green house I grew from seeds myself other half I got from garden centers around town including a mini farmers market that was just for seedlings. It was cool.  I want to grow lettuce and spinach...carrots and potatoes.  I want to grow stuff that is colorful (OF COURSE lol) and the types of things that are harder to find and when you do they are expensive.  I really wanted to grow white tomatoes and purple tomatoes, but found the seeds too late.  Oh and wanted to grow Orange bell peps and white & yellow cucs.  Maybe next year.  One of my friends told me its not too late to grow lettuce but it has to be kept in shade and wet because its a cold plant.  I just need to get long pots for them. 

Not to bad for my first time huh?


  1. Waaa hooo! The garden is a go! Stick your fingers in the dirt and GROW THINGS!